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Specifications strokemm  Threaded length mm
Total length mm
Supported-side end-journal profile  A-type(Free)
 A-type Free
 B-type(Journal with snap ring groove)
B-type(Journal with snap ring groove/Journal with snap ring groove)
 C-type(Journal only)
C-type(Jornal only/Journal only)

*Please attach your drawing on "reference" button below for customized end jounal other than A-C type.

Anti-rust oil or Lubricant

 KSS grease (MSG No.2)   Anti-rust oil (Non Ruster PZ2) 
 Multemp PS2 grease

*For other special grease, please specify your reqeuested grease type in "comment" below.

Nut Flange direction  X:Fixed side
 Y:Supported side
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